Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The Madison police got in touch with Kristy regarding a break in at her and Davids apartment in Madison. Apparently there were squatters living in their apartment building while people were gone for the holiday.

Thank goodness the squatters didn't sleep in their bed (at least it didn't look like it) but they ate every stitch of food and drank all their alcohol! Plus other things - baking supplies, their belongings gone thru - a complete invasion of privacy. At least nothing of real value was taken. The computer was still there, check books, debit card etc but it is creepy none the less!!

The kids handled it like pros though (and didn't even head back to Madison until the following day) .. I would have been packed and up there to survey the damage right away!!) I am so proud of them working together as a team to get this all taken care of.

Still David ... is the door fixed?? LOL I apparently kept pushing about their door being fixed until David finally got ticked with me and told me to knock it off about the door. Hey a mom can worry! I just didn't want them to be taken advantage of because they are young. My first real 'BUTT OUT MOM I AM HANDLING IT" and I didn't even cry. :)

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