Thursday, May 20, 2010


I find it very difficult to ask anyone for help .... but when I finally do and am rejected it BLOWS MY MIND!

My in-laws completely disrupted the flow of this evening without a second thought ... and my husband didn't think anything of it!!

I was originally going to pick him up at the nursing home and take him to Nicks baseball game tonight -- nice right? Well my in-laws are finally going to visit their son and they choose tonight (they haven't seen him since 5/6) . Does Michael tell them that he won't be back there until after the baseball game? Nope.. he just tells me that they are coming to see him at 6:30pm and he needs to be back then. What ? I actually get to go to an event of Nicks and he wants me to leave so he can see his parents? I informed him that it just wouldn't make any sense to take him out to only have to return him within the 1/2 hour.

So, since his parents are going to the nursing home I asked them if they could pick up some clean clothes (part of the problem - he keeps soiling them because he can't go to the bathroom by himself)to take to him for me and his mother said that they couldn't. She stated "All the way out to your house? No we can't" and hung up!! Unreal. Please keep in mind her lack of wanting to ever do anything for Michael is never ending but it doesn't seem to bother her that one of her daughters is living with them with her 1 year old daughter... keep in mind that daughter is 43 and got knocked up by her late brothers boyfriend! Yup, you read that right !!!

I could go on and on but it just never ceases to amaze me ..... and ya wonder why I have a hard time asking anyone for anything??

I am sorry to vent like this on the blog but sometimes ... I have to !!!


  1. vent away, my dear. Vent away. I hope the stress eases up a bit for you. Always thinking and praying for you.

  2. Oh Rhonda, Hang in there. I did some catching up on your blog today. You make me smile. We are always praying for your family and for you the center of it all. I know care givers can be stressed out, tired, under nourished, and over extended but at the same time they are the most loving, and holy of people. You are a care giver Rhonda! Make sure you keep taking a coffee break sometimes to take care of yourself!

  3. Hey Rhonda, I hope things turn around for you. You are an amazing person and amizingly strong! Hang in there, Girlfriend!

  4. If you want to go up on the roof-top and scream your head off, I'll go will you!
    Family can be so frustrating can't they?
    May you find peace and rest in the mist of your storm.