Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nifty Fifty

I am pretty much posting this so that I "don't forget" ...

Nick got his new basketball uniform today -- very cool as I think the "old" uniforms were used when I went to school there. Very exciting -- yet sad for Nick as he had to retire the old jersey number and it was replaced with 50.

After practice he tries it on and shows me his new cool and hip uniform .. he mentions again that his number is 50 (apparently I am older than I look because yes I can see that the jersey has a HUGE 50 on it!) .... as he wonders aloud if the number 50 is for good or bad players.. he is looking a little sad... so in my house I do what any decent mother would do .. hassle him. I say ... 50 is awesome ... oh hey Nick can you here it now... I will yell out at your basketball games really loud "Nifty Fifty" whenever you do something really good.

I then proceeded to open his door throughout the night saying "Nifty Fifty" .. I even had friends and family texting "Nifty Fifty" to his phone .... each time he would laugh and yell "mom stop you aren't funny!" .. lol........ the best part.................. he is worried that I will actually yell this out at his basketball games - and maybe I will!

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