Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Scrap Bag or Dirt Hole?

So, I am sitting down in my scraproom today working on Christmas projects...well.. trying to. My animals are determined to hinder my creative attempts.

First.. the tinsel I bought from the 12 Days of Tags display at The Scrapbook Store has turned into cat and dog toys.

Second...... when the ink pad comes off the catseye ink and PLOPS onto your project it really is annoying. BUT... not nearly as annoying as the crunch..crunch crunch my dog is making as she is trying to EAT the cover! Seriously Pebbles ... everything is NOT FOOD!! sanding block, and my Tim Holtz hand sander goes missing. I tromp out to the garage to grab a piece of sand paper from there (brrr it is freaking cold outside!) Come back downstairs and sand my grundgeboard... PERFECT! I turn my head for a split second and the dog grabs the sandpaper and sneakily (is that a word) inches towards my rolling cart. I am watching out the corner of my eye.... and she slowly drops my sandpaper into my open rolling cart, then she lays down like she wasn't doibg anything. I walk over and look inside -- what do i see???

Sandpaper, sanding block, hand distresser, glue dots, hair scrunchies, stickles dog bones and toys. Really?? I know my scrap space needs to be picked up but I never would call it a "hole in the ground". And if my dog thinks my scrap bag is her "hole in the ground" she has another thing coming!!

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