Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Call of Duty

There has literally been a countdown in my household of when the new Call of Duty game would be released by XBOX360. I have been hearing about the magic of November 10th 2009 for what seems like an eternity. Sunday night I don't think that Nick got more than 4 hours of sleep the entire night (and that is being generous). Anyway.. after MUCH discussion of how we should facilitate getting the game we finally agreed. Monday after basketball practice Nick and I would go and "pre-pay" for the video game. Then at 11:30pm I would wake him up and the 2 of us would go and wait in line to get the video game and then he could play for 1/2 hour. Fine I said .. even though -- this was a school night afterall!!

So my alarm clock goes off at 11:30pm I creep into Nicks room to wake him up .. he gets up goes to the bathroom and then like a sack of potatoes falls back into bed. Fine, I think to myself I wasn't to keen on waking him up on a school night like that anyway -- but I promised him the game. So -- out into the freezing cold tundra of Wisconsin (ok, it wasn't THAT cold but this will be my story and I am sticking to it!) ..out to the freezing cold tundra.

I get to Gamestop only to find that the line for the game was around the parking lot! Never before have I seen so many teenage boys standing in line -- it was either a kissing booth with Megan Fox or a video game release... thank goodness it was the video game release as I too was standing in line! As time ticks by.. we are finally allowed to enter the store after waiting an hour in line (in the freezing cold tundra of Wisconsin .. did I already mention that??) . We were told to have our ID's ready along with our pre-paid highlighted receipt. I was ready! Ok, to be truthful you didn't need the ID at all -- no-one cared how old or young we were - but the receipt was golden. I got to the counter and they scribbled something on the receipt and then they thrust something into my hands as the line continued to propel me out of the store. Once outside I made sure that I did indeed have the video game -- it all happened so fast I wasn't sure what I walked out with!

So off to home I went.. I propped the video game on my dresser and slid nicely back to sleep ... ok not right away but 2 hours later I did fall asleep - only to be woken at 3am "Mom did you get the game? I am sorry I couldn't stay awake" as I point to the game and roll back over in bed. At that point I suppose it should have occurred to me that he MIGHT be tempted to play the game and I should have given him some type of guidelines .. did I? Nope! So, my 12 year old son got up at 3am to play a video game before school! I will just chalk that up to another of my fabulous parenting moments!

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