Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Eldest Returns!!

Honestly amongst all else that is going on .. everything that I have procrastinated on .. it is all soon coming to a head ... BUT....everything out on hold AGAIN! David is coming home for his first visit since early August!! YIPPEE!!

It ever gets old, that euphoric high that a mom gets when her child comes home after a long time away. David has been in Madison for 3 years - we are going into our 4th. And when he comes home I am still excited -- even though it will be a rush to see all the friends that he possibly can, see the girlfriends family and friends too, and maybe have a little time left over for a talk with Mom. I am realistic however, I know (at least for this trip) I am not the reason for his coming home - it is for his little brother (HA! little .. LOL). I warms my heart that David actually planned his time at home around the Call of Duty release that Nick has been waiting so long for. So tonight after dinner I know both my boys will run down the stairs to the basement (or apartment as my DH calls it) to play video games all night. But for me .. it is the listening to the happy sounds of them being TOGETHER. I can't wait!!

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