Friday, October 30, 2009

Water Pong

Nick and I went to Madison to visit David and Kristy. We did the typical --we went fro a walk on State Street to grab a bite to eat . Since David had wanted me to bring Pebbles (the dog) along eating inside a resteraunt was out of the question and since it was the end of October in Wisconsin all the outside eating tables had either been taken in or blown away in the 35 mile an hour winds that were out - so we headed back to Davids apartment to eat our pasta. Bringing the dog sure changed how we visit Madison.

Anywho .. after filling our bellies David thought it was a great idea to teach his 12 year old brother and his 41 year old mom how to play Beer Pong. We changed it a little so that I wouldn't be taken away by Social Services -- instead of beer we used water (see I can be a good Mom) . I think David and Kristy just wanted to start practicing for the big Halloween weekend that was ahead of them. We played 5 games in all and sometimes I got it in the cup and sometimes not (ok, mostly I got it OUT of the cups) but David and I porevailed and won!! Hippee -- 41 years old and winning at Beer/Water Pong! I am sure MY parents are so proud! hee hee hee

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