Saturday, October 31, 2009


The first year that we aren't doing the whole Trick or Treat thing at our house and I have to admit it does seem very very strange. Nick had a birthday party for his friend Nick - oddly there are 4 boys at this birthday party and 3 of them are named Nick -- so he left at 4pm, just when Trick or Treat started in our neighborhood.

What to do what to do... so Michael and I and my BFF Lisa (her hubby had other things to do) went out to dinner at this great Mexican Resteraunt (if I had a memory I could t ell you the name .. hopefully later I will add the name. The detail that they put into the decor of this place was amazing!! The food was good, drinks and the company was amazing.

Next off to some stores in the 3rd Ward .. not much open at this point in the night but the Oriental store is ALWAYS open .. they have the coolest things in that place - like the HUGE vase that Michael was standing by I would love to have that as a vocal point outside in my garden!

Then the next place... a bar in Bayview -- we just stopped for a couple drinks and a little dancing -- then home for us old peope.. would you believe we were home by 10pm!

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