Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Parents

Each year my parents head south for the winter - technically it doesn't have to be south but anywhere that it is warmer than Wisconsin. Every so often my dad types up "reports" on what has happened so far on their trip .. the first years it was more often but now he says they don't do anything special so he doesn't send them as much anymore. I cherish the emails he sends.... reminds me of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful Dad - he has a true gift with words (heck .. I wish he would have passed that on to me so this dumb blog would be better!) but anyway ... I will post the reports he sends to my blog so they can be shared by others.

Below is my fathers email:

From: JAY PEDE Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 3:42 PM
To: markofskihome; Baumann, Rhonda; jdwork; virginia; bethpedework1; anita; deannawork
Subject: report #1

as some of you know we booked a last minute caribbean cruise. we got it for cheap because of the timing. also got upgraded to a suite because of our advanced age.

anyway, leaving saturday out of miami returning to miami next thursday. for emergency contact -- celebrity lines, celebrity century departing miami 2/6, suite 1204, booking 5046997.

so no e-mail or cell contact beginning at 5pm 2/6 thru 7am 2/11.

will give a full report if it is something out of the ordinary.

so far the first month has yielded only:

- 6 cold fronts that dropped the temps into the 60's.
- rear motor home camera went out. i fixed it by tracing the wiring problem in the under dash maze. quite rewarding.
- traced the campground loss of pool temperature to mt propane tank. manager was grateful but avoided me for the better part of our 2 1/2 week stay. fearing more complaints i guess. all pool users were also grateful.
- found how to buy live lobster. then have the workers murder, tail and devein them. purchased 26 lobsters so far. don't eat much of any thing else.
- learned how to watch for the "green flash" at sunsets over the water. heard about it for years but only was able to see it once up until now. i am now a firm believer. sharon not so much.
- i have been dealing blackjack to sharon, polishing her skills. with both of us at the blackjack tables on the cruise we will probably own the ship by thursday.
- otherwise swimming, walking, bike riding, dining out and food shopping

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