Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Lesson -
Don't keep the dog food in the carport - even in a thick rubbermaid container.

Winter is cold in Wisconsin - cold and little food for wild animals. Animals will look everywhere for food - including the carport --including INSIDE the rubbermaid container that holds 30 lbs of dog food.

Yes, last night there was a possum inside the container that we keep the dog food in - someone (the husband) didn't put the lid on all the way when they got dog food last and a possum climbed inside to feast. Was the husband home when the wife screamed when she opened the lid - NOPE! But thank goodness that my BFF is only 1 minute away - her strapping husband came to help me out. Matt came armed with a plastic rake.

I completely understand now what it means to play "possum"... aka "play dead". That possum knew a good thing when he found it and he didn't want to leave Iams heaven if he didn't have to. Matt had to push - pull-prod the darn thing from the container. Finally he is out -- where does he run? The corner of the carport! Can't have that either...I am safely in the house watching from the window when I see the open dog food container at the mouth of the carport I run to the front door and out to get the container before the possum wants to go back in -- I do a quick grab and see the possum heading straight for the container! I scream and run into the house as Matt is saying "close the door!" Thankfully he kept right on running down the side of the house - NOT IN. Whew -- possum gone!

My heart is still pounding! THANK YOU MATT!!


  1. oh man!!!! I wish I could have been there to see all this go down! haha

  2. oh my gosh, so scary. I had an encounter with a possum and it still haunts me.