Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A show of hands please?

I would like a show of hands (comments please) after you read this post ... my husband and I are having a little disagreement.....please read on.

A few weeks ago my husband was preparing to take the garbage out. The bag in the garbage can itself wasn't all the way full but it was garbage day so he was going to take it down to the street. he yells to me "You have any garbage? I am taking it down to the street". Nice right? Until... I go into the kitchen ...

........and see the dirty garbage can sitting on my kitchen table!!!! Gross!!

We talk about it and I think he understands .. he nods his head in agreement .... and he is only a little blank in the eyes (ladies -- you know what I am talking about).

Last night.... on the eve of garbage day ..I walk into the kitchen and I see that same dirty garbage can.... sitting on my counter!!! As I gasp the husband says "What?? That is where you told me to put it because putting it on the table is gross". When I informed him that I would NEVER say to put it on the counter he is insisting that I did and doesn't find anything wrong with that anyway. When I pointed out (again) that is where we prepare and eat food he doesn't see the counter as wrong. He then proceeds to tell me I am the only one he knows that would think that was gross.

So ladies (and gentlemen) ... please make a comment...


  1. totally gross!! and I know my husband has done the same thing! ew, ew, ew!!

  2. Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda...I feel your pain, sister!!!!!! They are a different breed for sure!

  3. Yes that is very gross.. and after taking Microbiology I now know what kind of stuff grows on the bottom of dirty things like... the garbage bag...