Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In a funk

I haven't posted in awhile I have been in such a funk since Bob died (NOT the battery operated one... that can be fixed with replacement batteries!) .. but our cat Bob.

I know people say you are never prepared but I think you can be... if there is old age you kind of prepare yourself. If there is sickness for awhile you kind of prepare yourself. But when you just have what appears to be a cold? I guess I just wasn't prepared... for any of it.

I certainly wasn't prepared for the daily tears!! As my sister would proudly tell you... I am NOT a crier (she was the crier and I could make her cry at the drop of a hat - when we were kids). But these tears.. OMG I am exhausted!! And I really shouldn't be as I am finally getting a good nights sleep! I miss how every night Bob and Pebbles would be jockeying for spot.. Bob at my head and Pebbles ON my feet. They would play around for a little while and then settle down for the night.....until Bob would get tired of Pebbles snoring (ok, maybe it was ME snoring) he would bat me in the face with his paw until I would wake up and let him out of the bedroom. Then he would head butt the door when he wanted back in. This happened multiple times during every night. What I wouldn't give for it to happen just 1 more night! I swear I would really appreciate it!!

I miss him. Ok, tears again... gotta go this really bites!! :)

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  1. i know it is really hard... I still cry sometimes that cuddles is not here anymore and that was 8 months ago. But all you can do is move on and remember all the good times you had with them. Its weird.. for me it the same pain as when my grandma passed away.

    I just cant wait until we live in a place that allows dog (and when we can afford one!) love you!