Saturday, May 15, 2010

Track Meet

Nick's track meet at WLC. Where? WLC. But where Nick? Isn't there a sheet with information? Yes mom he says, at school in my desk.


This kid, love him, but he does this to me all the time. One thing I really hate is not knowing where I am going -- and trying to find a place that you aren't sure that is even where you are supposed to be is even worse. So as I told Nick... he had 5 minutes to find out where we are supposed to go -- 5 minutes or we are not going.

He comes to me then all scared and says "Watertown Plank Rd" ... lovely because that tells me exactly where... I said " and what?" and then he says "and we better go or I am going to be late" ... gotta love it. Well we find it and as I am dropping him off quick while I run and get coffee I tell him that as soon as he gets out of the car the morning is as it never happend. Gotta love the restart.

Shot Put at 9:15am ... honestly I think he was still sleeping, just standing up because that heavy ball sure didn't go far. I came up to him and smile at him and he just gave me the look that said "that really bit the big one and dont say a word" so I smile, rub his arm and walk away. Why couldn't they let him use 2 hands? It was very early for an almost teenage boy!

100 Meter Dash at 11:15am. Hoenstly, when Nick told me this is what he was running I didn't really believe him. David is a runner .. Nick not so much. But I was blown away !! I never knew he could run so fast (and without falling!) .. he did awesome ... time (I don't know anything about the 100 meter dash times ... I can talk a blue streak about the 1600, orthe 800, or a relay but the dash ...nothing. But his time was 15:17 -- and it LOOKED GOOD!

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