Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spur of Moment

Tonight I met my BFF at Starbucks for coffee... ok she had coffee I had Chai Tea Latte --- not something I will be getting again!

She sends me a text saying "Starbucks" and I laugh because I had just gotten to PickNSave in Hales Corners to do some grocery shopping. I text back "yes - 5 min" and I proceed to put all the cold items back where they belong and check out with my non-perishables and was at Starbucks within 4 minutes.

I love that!! Now that our kids are getting older and they are busy doing their own thing we are finding we have more time to do the things that we want to do.... I never thought I would get to this point.. it is happy and sad for me at the same time. David hasn't needed (or necessarily wanted) me for a good 3 years now so I am used to that .. I still miss him but I am used to it.. but I thought I would at least have a few more good years with Nick... he is only 13!! I know both boys are doing their own thing I just hope that at some point they may "want" to hang out with me.

So happy and sad - the kids are older so I can actually do spur of the moment things - FUN!!

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