Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When age 12 really means age 12

Last night I was taking Nick to blockbuster to rent a new video game and he says to me " So, Mom. I was talking to Eric today (one of his friends) and I came up with some scientific information, well something scientific anyway" I asked him what it was ... I thinking maybe he learned some really cool fact today in Science class or heard something really cool ANYTIME during school. To my surprise -- my VERY smart youngest son says "I like tacos. Taco's are mexican. Therefore I like Mexicans"
What?? Scientific? I don't get it? I say to him how is that scientific?? He then responds (at an attempt to redeem himself) "Well maybe it is more Math than Science"
Again, What?? He then is back pedaling in the fastest way he can - finally saying "Well it is something anyway" with his sheepish grin. I told him that possibly he was witty at best but nice try for scientific!
So as my boys get older and older with each passing day I was somehow gladdened to know that my very 12 year old son really is only 12.

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