Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dog In Heat

Yes the dog is in heat... again. I don't know how I am going to survive the dog in heat thing for another year. I know, I know it only comes approx 2 times a year -- but it stays for 3-4 weeks! We haven't gotten her fixed because I would like the kids and myself to experience puppies... just 1 litter. Our Pebbles is a beautiful dog but at times like this I don't care how sweet or pretty she is I just CAN'T STAND IT!! And in part because I am the only one who has to take on the extra responsibilities of the dog to begin with. Oh, don't get me wrong - when I am at work my husband does take her out 1 or 2 times during the day but... it is everything else! It is the clipping of the nails, the picking up the poop, the brushing her, the walking her, and then during this "heat" time .. it is the taking on and off of the stupid diapers (that cost $21.99 for 12 of them!!) to take her in and out of the house to do her business. She hates the diaper so much being out on but she loves the "smell" of it -- she is a cocker spaniel afterall.. but she tries to get you to NOT put it on so she circles around and around trying to chase her butt. Funny to watch I am sure but when you are the one trying to put the darn diaper on her it isn't so funny.

So tonight.. I am going to sit in my scrap room and remind the family that the dog needs to go out, fead, and the diaper be put back on. They need to help or the dog has to go. I hate to say this but I simply can not take this on any more. We got the dog last November .. my husband surprised me with her.. yes that is exactly as it sounds ... he went to the store and brought her home one day... "SURPRISE!!" .. and while it was a wonderful thought I no longer feel the need to continue the dogs care by myself when I am home. Oh the family says that they do it when I am gone "I help" "I help" but for some reason no-one even remembers that we have animals once I step foot in the door. So, I say rather than becoming more resentful of the poor dog I am going to turn it over to Nick and my husband for them to handle the dog and if not I think I can find Pebbles a good home. I love her ... I just don't need another thing to be responsible for.
Whew .. normally I don't want the blog to turn into this rant and rave but I think I am exhausted and a little whinny ... LOL Now hopefully by putting this in writing I will stick with it! Afterall I have been the "enabler" for my family to be lazy for a year .. their improvement I am sure will not happen overnight.

Wish me luck!! (oh, and ps .. I will post a picture of Pebbles in her diaper later)

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  1. You go girl...sit in that scraproom!! And then show us what you made :)